Given that the title of their debut album was the inspiration for our own project name, it felt inevitable that we'd one day film videos with Tassie legends, Luca Brasi. After a cavalcade of incredible tours, another successful year of their homegrown weekender festival Til The Wheels Fall Off, and an upcoming spot on this years Falls Festival line up, the guys have earned their success with no shortage of good things heading their way.

We filmed a couple of stripped back songs from If This Is All We're Going To Be in an Adelaide gutter with Tyler and Busby and a particularly shiny guitar. 

Anything Near Conviction:

Treading Water:

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There is something so instantly special about Antonia & The Lazy Susans. It's a subtle catch that becomes a firm hook in your side when you finally get to see them live. Antonia's voice fills the room with such an inimitable sincerity it's not hard to understand the speed of their recent success. They're out on tour right now with US folk-punk giants AJJ, before three huge dates as a part of this years' Sad Grrrls Fest and an epic New Years party alongside The Bennies, Frenzal Rhomb and Hightime. We think DJY might've said it best here, 'Meet your new favourite fucking band'.

We caught up with Antonia & Kieren on a sunny step in Newtown to film two songs off their debut release, Closure. 

Skinny Legs:


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Hailing from Wellington, Prizegiving recently wrapped up their first Australian tour alongside fellow New Zealanders Carb on Carb. With a run of shows that saw the band play both full and stripped-back sets, it was pure joy to see the dynamics of their sound and their unwavering enthusiasm. There is something truly special about the full band vocal arrangements and delicate dance between guitars and synth, that when teamed with light hearted lyricism makes for beautifully balanced, unpretentious emo-pop.

We caught up with Prizegiving at the start of their tour and filmed two songs with the band and their temporary replacement drummer Stevie (who made up in cuteness what she lacked in actual drumming ability and presence of opposable thumbs).


Blood Pressure:

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