It's not uncommon for musicians to focus on love and heartache, and A.W. has broached these topics with a unique energy and enthusiasm for the better part of ten years. Their sweet and simplistic lyricism has held true over the years, but there's something more certain about the way A.W. writes these days. It's hard to say whether it's just a natural part of growing up and maturing, or maybe finding a love to be more certain about, but the next wave of Weiss' music finds room to be upbeat in ways that keep you smiling even when the content is so relatable it hurts.

We were lucky enough to catch A.W. and their band on their first tour of Australia, and set up in the back room of The Rev to film stripped back versions of new single, 'Runaway', and an unreleased track, 'Different Now'. 


Different Now:

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