Somehow it’s been a whole year since we set up at 76A and filmed the first Extended Family session. It can be an impossible beast to tame some weeks, but it’s an incredible feeling looking back over the last year and seeing what we’ve achieved. We’ve filmed 35 artists, released 77 videos with over 60,000 views collectively, set up in 16 different locations over two states, held a house show and pulled together our first couple of Extended Family shows. I think best of all we’ve met a countless number of great people. I try my best to keep our names out of things, the team behind this project is a rotating cast of family members, but I just want to say a humongous thank you to Lachy Bruce for being endlessly patient and giving with his time/skills/advice/presence -- you deserve only the best things.
And to you all - thank you. This is, and always will be, about a family creating and celebrating good music and good people. We’re beyond excited to celebrate with you all on Saturday!

Sianne van Abkoude