We wouldn't want to play favourites, so here's a list of the 2016 releases from your extended family! So many good releases, so many more to come in the new year.

We've hyperlinked the shit out of everything to make it easy for you - click the band names to see their Extended Family sessions, and the release titles to go directly to Bandcamp to give each one a listen.


Camp CopeCamp Cope
CeresDrag It Down On You
The Flying So High-OsLife As A Common Noun
HannahbandQuitting Will Improve Your Health
Into It. Over it. - Standards
Lachy Bruce - On Being The Knowing


Azim Zain & His Lovely Bones - Monsoon Season
Bec Stevens - More Scared Than Me
The Brothers Goon - Make Regrets
The Football Club - Songs About Friends
The Hard Aches - I Freak Out
Miyazaki! - I’ll See Myself Out
Rachel Maria Cox - I Just Have A Lot Of Feelings
Roadhouse - Pain Don’t Hurt
Stranger Things Have Happened - Something / Nothing
Tiger Can Smile - Lollipop Park


The Berkeley Hunts / The Flying So High-Os - In Describing The Motion of Indescribable Bodies
Suburban & Coke / Del Lago / New Low / Trash Bears4 Way Split

Sianne van Abkoude